The history of ADK

Learn more about Aussie Drill Kings and the journey we’ve been on since our founding.

Tough times made for a tough company

ADK is a family business that values honest, hard work with a focus on achieving our client's desired outcomes. We often find ourselves committing to projects that other contractors have rejected due to the complexity of the build, only to roll in and complete what no one thought possible.

okADK was inspired by the comments of local contractors when we arrived onsite. It was a common statement to hear from the clients “Okay, ADK is here! Great! We know the job will get done right and done fast.”

ADK have successfully operated for over 18 years surviving numerous economic rollercoasters to develop a crisis-proof work ethic and a reputation for reliability through even the toughest of times.

Through this period and beyond, we’ve established ourselves as one of Far North Queensland’s premier drilling and hydrovac contractors, thanks to the lessons we’ve learned in that time.

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One of Queensland’s most powerful hydrovac units

Cairns’ largest fleet of hydrovac excavation units

A range of additional specialities including welding, trenching, and fibre optic hauling


We haven’t stuck around for as long as we have by being pushovers. At ADK, we value our resilience and ability to recover from setbacks, no matter how significant. This means we deliver on every project, regardless of any complications or issues that arise.


We’ve gained a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to the work we do. Horizontal drilling, open excavation around existing live services, and hydrovac excavations all require the utmost expertise and experience, and we’re proud to say we have a royal flush of skill sets.


We’re Far North Queensland’s best and brightest when it comes to what we do. We’re confident in saying that if you require hydrovac excavation or horizontal drilling services, we’ll be the best pick for the job, every time.

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Based in Cairns, serving all of Far North Queensland

Aussie Drill Kings provide service areas beyond the Cairns regions, performing works from Rockhampton and up to Weipa and as far wide as Mt Isa. Other base areas includes:
  • Mareeba
  • Atherton
  • Croydon
  • Cloncurry
  • Cooktown
  • Townsville
  • Gladstone
If you have any questions about our service areas please feel free to contact us via phone or our online contact form.

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