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ADK provide Cairns and its surrounding regions the most powerful fleet of hydro vacuum excavation systems .  Contact ADK for any hydrovac excavtion need

ADK hydro excavation trucks

ADK operate and maintain Cairns' largest fleet of hydrovac units, which offer the following benefits:

  • 8000L Vermeer VX200-2000 Mega Vac – with its 3200CFM ADK’s &  teh 6000L STG vHDV6000 with 2300CFM.  Each unit offers Cairns the most powerful vac system in the area. The benefits include:

-​  Larger hose diameter and super powerful suction allows rapid removal of liquids, extraction of rocks that all other vac systems cannot lift & completion of large-scale excavations in a ¼ of the time of smaller traditional sucker trucks.

-  Boom lift hose system operated by a full function remote control with emergency stop and feedback functionality for machine vitals to ensure job site safety is a top priority.

-  Sectioned hydraulic boom, integrated steel extensions and multiple lengths of hose to reach the deepest of pits or furthest work area targets. When competitors trucks fail, it's time to call ADK and request the mega-vac.

  • 10,000L custom mega vac & 3000L standard units – If you have bulk material to move, call on the Cairns hydrovac experts ADK and they can combine multiple units to keep the job moving forward 24/7.

Our hydrovac excavation capabilities

Our hydrovac excavation services are just as versatile as we are, providing a non-destructive digging solution for every project we work on.

3000L and 8000L hydrovac unit

3000L, 8000L, and 10,000L hydro vacuum excavation units

Our fleet includes multiple 3000L, 8000L, and 10,000L hydrovac units. ADK offer hydrovac excavation services to perform tasks that mechanical excavators cannot reach. 

We have experience helping customers remove liquid or soil from piles, footings, sediment traps, manholes, internal building locations, under verandas, around houses, below footpaths and driveways, excavate inside high voltage enclosures, expose live underground services, unblock pipes, dewater systems, uncover broken pipes, hillside renovation footings, and confined space bulk outs. 

ADK provides a wide and versatile service range in all types and sizes of jobs.

Hydro excavation units alongside highway

Non-destructive, non-invasive, and non-mechanical

ADK's hydrovac excavation services are perfect for projects which require a careful non-destructive or 100% asset identification approach. Our own experience with open excavations in existing footpath, road corridors, and brown field sites ensures we fully understand the importance of underground service locating with precise excavations around live utilities. ADK's hydrovac excavations will ensure you find the known services and gives you the best chance of avoiding damage to the known and unknown systems that lay under the surface of your planned excavation zone.

horizontal hydro excavation services

ADK is not just a pretty vac truck company

While some projects only require hydrovac excavation, many of our clients benefit from combining our expert skills across our hydrovac, open excavations, drilling, polypipe welding, cable hauling, and underground electrical and communication ducting services. 

Want the best in non-destructive digging services on your next project? Call ADK today

Cairns' most powerful hydrovac units - Vermeer vx200-2000

Cairns’ largest fleet of hydrovac excavation units

A range of additional specialities including welding, trenching, and fibre optic hauling

Hydro vacuum excavation services for construction, utility, and civil projects

ADK is the premier Cairns hydrovac local business!  We’re proud to have built ADK in Cairns, and for over 18 years provide our local community with hydrovac excavation services to help grow the Far North QLD region. Aussie Drill Kings will support private homeowners, small to large size local contractors, multinational companies, as well as local, state, and federal government organisations. It is with passion that we have grown our hydro-vac fleet to provide Cairns with its first choice for hydro vacuum excavation services.

White hydro excavation unit hose excavating earth

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Based in Cairns, serving Far North Queensland

Aussie Drill Kings provide hydrovac and drilling services to areas beyond the Cairns regions, performing works from Rockhampton and up to Weipa and as far wide as Mt Isa. Other base areas includes:

  • Mareeba
  • Atherton
  • Ravenshoe
  • Innisfail
  • Cooktown
  • Townsville
  • Mackay

If you have any questions about our service areas please feel free to contact us via phone or our online contact form.

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