Far North Queensland’s directional drilling and hydrovac experts

ADK is a Cairns-based provider of drilling and hydrovac services, with nearly 20 years industry experience offering a wide range of specialist capabilities.

The ADK difference



We’ve been operating long enough to have experienced most of what can be thrown at us in the boring and vactruck world. These lessons gained in that time translates to better outcomes for our clients.


Complementary capabilities

Our range of services and capabilities across underground service locating, 100% physical asset identifications, open excavations and underboring around live existing services, polypipe welding, pit and pipe installation, fibre hauling, and fibre splicing all work together to help us provide end-to-end solutions for our clients.


Uncompromising standards

At ADK, the job’s not done until it’s done. Like the Kings of the old world, we’ll work as hard and for as long as we need to, to deliver outstanding results and ensure our client's asset is built to become a trusted piece of their monarchy.

Hydro excavation in progress

Small, skillful, satisfaction guaranteed

ADK – short for Aussie Drill Kings – was founded around the start of the new millennium with a work ethic built on old school reliability. We’re around today thanks to the partnerships we’ve built with the wide range of utility providers, regional councils, land developers, and private contractors we’ve worked with.

These relationships are built on the quality and reliability of the outcomes we deliver to our clients, and we’re proud to continue making a name for ourselves as one of Far North Queensland’s premier hydrovac and directional drilling contractors. Whether you need a hole drilled, a pipeline excavated, or a fibre optic network installed, ADK is the company for the job.  Learn more about us.

Our services

Directional drilling

  • Capacity to drill to install pipe 630mm to 630mm in diameter
  • Equipment specially designed to drill through rocks
  • Ideal for everything that requires a trenchless solutions, including polypipe welding
Fibre optic cabling laying

Fibre optic network services

  • We provide an end-to-end fibre network from 100m to 1000km
  • We don’t just drill holes - we can handle cable hauling as well
  • Close-proximity haulage or large-scale, multi-tower builds - we do it all
Hydro excavation unit

Hydrovac excavations

  • The ADK fleet includes 3000L, 6000L  and 8000L hydrovac units
  • Non-destructive and non-mechanical digging methods
  • Can be employed as a standalone service or in tandem with our other services
Directional drill

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One of Queensland’s most powerful hydrovac units

Cairns’ largest fleet of hydrovac excavation units

A range of additional specialities including welding, trenching, and fibre optic hauling

Works we’ve completed recently

For less talk and more walk, take a look at the gallery below to gain a more detailed idea of the work we do and the results we deliver to our clients around Cairns and Far North Queensland.

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Based in Cairns, serving all of Far North Queensland

Our service area stretches down to Rockhampton and up into Far North Queensland, and includes cities such as:

  • Herberton
  • Mission Beach
  • Port Douglas
  • Cape Tribulation
  • Ingham
  • Bowen

If you have any questions about our service areas, contact us via phone or our online contact form.

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