ADK directional drilling services

ADK has over 18 years of horizontal directional drilling operations experience and specialise in rock drilling.

Horizontal directional drilling advantage

At ADK, we specialise in horizontal directional drilling, and can deliver our royal drilling services to a range of different site types and job requirements across Far North Queensland. Whether it be for roads, rivers, footpaths, or buildings, we can drill underneath them all safely, responsibly, and without disturbing any existing pipelines or structures.

We’ve contributed our drilling services to all types of projects big and small, for a wide range of clients throughout Far North Queensland including local, state & federal government agencies, national & global utility providers, land developers, and contractors. ADK has a long history of returning customers, and we focus on providing professionalism, reliability, and outstanding quality.

Horizontal Directional Drilling rig and excavator on work site

Our range of drilling services

ADK is royalty when it comes to underboring! ADK offer horizontal drilling services, specifically designed to meet the project specifics and meet the client’s needs. Our drilling service range includes:

Vermeer horizontal drilling machine

Horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is performed to provide a trenchless solution to pipe installations. ADK install pipes from 63mm to 630mm and frequently complete bores that include multiple 63mm, 110mm, 140mm, and 80mm pipe combinations. Ask about ADK’s polypipe welding capabilities.

Drilling into hard rock

Rock drilling

ADK fleet includes the Tracto 18ACS & Tracto 130ACS - German engineered machines specialised for rock drilling. Each Tracto has industry leading inner rods with a serious water pump system to aggressively grind the rock face into gravel and send the fragments from the cutting face to the launch and retrieval pits.

ADK have a tiny JT10 drill for the small jobs that is ideal to get in and out with a short footprint. The JT10 is no rock monster and only allowed to go out to soil jobs.

Cable haulage in excavated trench

Polypipe welding, Pit installations, Cable haulage and fibre optic works

Our underground capabilities don’t stop at drilling. Once we’ve completed any drilling work required of us, we can follow it up with our expert poly pipe welding, pit installations, cable haulage and fibre optic network construction services.

For expert, end-to-end drilling solutions, call ADK today!

One of Queensland’s most powerful hydrovac units

Cairns’ largest fleet of hydrovac excavation units

A range of additional specialities including polypipe welding, trenching, and fibre optic hauling

Our fleet of drilling rigs

We only use top-of-the-line machinery when providing our horizontal directional drilling and rock drilling services. Our fleet of drilling machinery includes:

Tracto 130ACS

The Tracto 130ACS is purpose-built for versatility, being appropriate for both standard horizontal directional drilling and rock drilling. With the capability to be used with standard rods for soil or with twin-tube rods for rocks, the Tracto 130ACS is truly a drill rig for all occasions.

Tracto Grundodrill 18ACS

This is a drill rig built to adapt to whatever conditions it finds itself in. With stepless torque and speed adjustment, as well as quick conversion from fluid-assisted drilling to rock drilling, the Tracto Grundodrill 18ACS can be put to use on any drilling job.

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Based in Cairns, serving all of Far North Queensland

Aussie Drill Kings provide drilling and hydrovac services to areas beyond the Cairns regions, performing works from Rockhampton and up to Weipa, and includes cities such as:

  • Mareeba
  • Atherton
  • Ravenshoe
  • Innisfail
  • Cooktown
  • Townsville
  • Mackay

If you have any questions about our service areas please feel free to contact us via phone or our online contact form.

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